2016 Wedding Dresses trends

In 2016, wedding dresses combined with tradition and fantasy lines that go straight to the point.

Wedding dresses in couture spirit of a noble classicism and good taste with delicately selected materials, princesses delight of modern times. Imposed without artifice, dresses lines of sublime simplicity, light and frothy, seduce those who want to be chic without ostentation.

Princess of modern times

cheap princess Wedding Dresses Australia

Volumes take possession of the 2016 collections. A imposing silhouette that transports you to a magical and wonderful world. Wedding dresses reinterpret classic wedding dress with models with pronounced sizes, with voluminous skirts and opulent materials. Silk, tulle, organza, or lace are perfect partners. The dresses are growing but remain free of all movements. A new contrast that modernizes the princess dress. Mixtures of materials and fabrics, very worked revisit the details classic wedding dresses.

Simplicity and elegance

simple Wedding Dresses with sleeves

The 2016 collections depict pure and delicate lines, worked in beautiful materials to the fallen immaculate, such as taffeta, silk like satin, chiffon, lace … Sometimes air and vaporous, sometimes satin and glamorous, devoid of any superficiality, it is the simplicity of masterfully drawn lines that dominate.

Lace Games

lace Wedding Dresses with sleeves

The 2016 figures are adorned with ultimate grace and elegance. Between games of transparency and details, lace will still be in the spotlight this year. It inspires and captures bodices and necklines, adorns held for a chic and sophisticated style. Classic, elegant lines, timeless magnified by an embroidered veil. The lace also takes the form of motifs sewn on the dress to sublimate or gently cover the shoulders, arms or back.

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